Use * Star Codes to control your phone

Call Block

Delete Blocked Number
Press*60 followed by the phone number

Block Phone Number
Press *61 followed by the phone number

Check if the Number is Blocked
Press *62 followed by the phone number

Call Transfer

Blind Transfer
Press *1 followed by extension or any phone number

Attended Transfer to internal extension number
Press *4 followed by extension number

Attended Transfer to external number
Press*7 followed by the phone number

Call Queue

Join Call Queue
Dial * 51 and Enter Queue #of the queue to join on the prompt

Leave Call Queue
Dial * 52 and Enter Queue # on the prompt

Pickup Call Waiting in a Queue
Dial *53

Active Call Features

Blind Transfer
Press *1

Call Recording
Press *2

Attended Transfer to Internal Number
Press *4

Send call directly to VM
Press *5

Attended Transfer to External Number
Press *7

Call Park
Press *9

Call Forward

Call Forward from Extension
Press *72

Cancel Call Forward
Press *73

Call Forward on No Answer
Press *74

Cancel Call Forward on No Answer
Press *75

Call Forward from any station
Press *76

Cancel Call Forward from other extension
Press *77

Call Center

Agent Login
Dial * 41

Agent Logoff
Dial * 42

Agent On Break
Dial *43

Agent Available on Demand
Dial *44

Ring Groups

Remove from the a Group

Add to Group

Call Recording

Press *2 from your phone while in call to record your phone conversation

Call Park

Press *9 on the keypad or “call park” soft key on your phone.

The call gets assigned an extension where the is call parked and it is announced to the user 85xx(where xx is a number starting from 01 to 99)


Dial *98 from any extension in the office followed by your extension number when prompted or just enter your extension number from your phone

Enter voicemail password

Press 5 to access Advanced Options

Call Monitoring

Dial *88{ExtensionNumber}

By Default you will join as silent.
Press 2 To Whisper to Agent
Press 1 to Whisper to Other Side.
Press 3 to talk to both parties
Press 0 to be Silent again.

Learn How to manage Phone System on Admin Portal.

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